Walking in the woods



The beautiful baby Muntjack deer we found injured in the woods whilst walking the dogs today.Called the RSPCA who unfortunately had to put him down as he had been attacked by dogs and his leg was broken..

Salisbury Market

Vicky from New Forest Bacon doing her best to keep warm at Salisbury Farmers Market on Tuesday. Very Glad to Have found Vicky and her husband Nigel who produce really tasty bacon from pigs reared in woodland on the Somerley Estate.



I notice a lot of use of the word lovely on my last two posts – not so lovely today, I think the wind is coming straight from Russia. Lots of warm clothing and a quick dash to Salisbury farmers market and then home to light the fire me thinks.

Lovely weekend

Took some time out from my programe of decluttering and cleaning 086

this weekend to spend some time with friends. Lunch and a mooch around the shops in Bath yesterday and a lovely lunch with Nat in Bradford on Avon today